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Welcome to Consultopia, your hub for AI transformation. Specializing in ChatGPT, automation, chatbots, and beyond, we ensure a robust return on investment and profit boosts. Experience efficiency leaps within 30 days, irrespective of your AI proficiency. We cater to all businesses, fueling your innovation and profitability.

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Our Simple 3 Step Process

Step One: Identify

On a monthly basis, identify novel strategies for leveraging AI to automate your business operations.

Step Two: Automate

Take advantage of our flexible service by asking for as many automation setups as you want, month after month.

Step Three: Operate

We then seamlessly set up and handle AI solutions for your entire business.

Global Automation Tools

Our team specializes in using the best automation tools worldwide.


More Output, Less Input

Reduce costs and elevate profits through the adoption of AI assistants

More output less input

Cut Expenses

Cut down on unnecessary spending for routine tasks by assigning them to an AI assistant.

Speed Up Process

Turbocharge your cycles by up to five times by removing human obstacles.

Elevate Productivity

Provide your team with the means to exponentially increase their productivity.

Ensure Consistency

Continuously deliver high-quality results by minimizing human mistakes and inconsistencies.

Who We Work With

Real Estate
Property Managers
Law Firms
Real Estate
Gain a Competitive Edge in the Market by Leveraging AI for Your Property Transactions.

AI-Enhanced Property Pairing: Utilizing AI, we precisely align prospective buyers or tenants with properties that align with their needs, boosting both conversion rates and client satisfaction.

Intelligent Lead Acquisition: Through AI, we pinpoint and engage potential customers with personalized communication, enabling real estate professionals to expand their client base more effectively.

Automated Content Generation: We employ AI to streamline and refine content production, leading to more compelling messaging and elevated client interaction.

AI-Smart Property Listings: We use AI to fine-tune property listings, enhancing their appeal and visibility to prospective buyers or tenants.

+ Many More

Unlock the Potential of AI-Enabled Agency Operations.

AI-Fueled Client Acquisition: Our advanced AI technology is engineered to pinpoint and engage prospective clients, enabling agencies to efficiently expand their clientele.

Intelligent Customer Support Chatbots: Our AI chatbots can manage up to 90% of customer queries, allowing your team to focus on critical tasks and strategic goals.

Automated Content Generation: We employ AI to streamline and enhance content production, leading to more compelling communication and heightened client interaction.

Data-Driven Predictive Insights: Our AI solutions offer powerful predictive analytics, empowering agencies to make informed decisions, optimize workflows, and elevate client success metrics.

AI-Optimized Campaign Oversight: Leveraging AI, we simplify campaign management processes, resulting in more successful campaigns and improved ROI.

+ Many More

Property Managers
Transform Your Hosting Game with AI-Infused Amenities.

AI-Integrated Virtual Host: Our state-of-the-art AI is flawlessly integrated with WhatsApp and other platforms, ensuring 24/7 guest service.

Automated Pre-Check-In Guidance: Automated instructions are dispatched a day before guests arrive, streamlining the check-in process.

Tailored Local Advice & Upselling: We offer personalized suggestions for eateries, cinemas, and activities, along with your exclusive products.

Live Support Availability: For questions requiring human intervention, we provide a live assistance option.

Seamless Service Coordination: Be it a taxi or cleaning, we facilitate any services your guests might need during their stay.

Post-Stay Automated Outreach: After departure, automated WhatsApp messages prompt reviews and offer incentives for direct bookings via your site.

Conversation Disengagement: Our Virtual Host disengages post-reservation, maintaining a professional interaction timeline.

Ongoing AI Adaptation: We engage in monthly data training to keep the assistant's performance optimized.

+ Many More

Law Firms
Revolutionize Your Legal Practice with AI-Enabled Solutions.

AI-Driven Client Onboarding: Our sophisticated AI algorithms identify and engage potential clients, streamlining your firm's growth.

Intelligent Legal Assistants: Our advanced chatbots can manage preliminary client queries, allowing your legal team to focus on complex cases and strategic planning.

Automated Document Generation: We utilize AI to automate the creation and optimization of legal documents, enhancing efficiency and client satisfaction.

Data-Driven Case Analytics: Our AI tools offer robust predictive insights for case outcomes, enabling data-driven strategies and improved success rates.

AI-Optimized Workflow Management: Leveraging AI, we simplify task and case management, resulting in more effective operations and increased ROI.

+ Many More


ChatGPT Employee Training


Revolutionize your business with our bespoke ChatGPT training. Elevate customer support, enhance communication, automate routine tasks. We provide the tools, your team excels in what they do best.
AI Integration Services


We help integrate AI into your systems effortlessly. Working closely with your team, we grasp your operations for a perfect AI fit, boosting efficiency, reducing costs, and maintaining your competitiveness in the digital age.
AI Integration Services
Continuous Support & Updates


Partner with Consultopia for your AI journey. We provide sustained support and timely updates on AI advancements to ensure optimal results and evolution of your business with changing times.


Free AI consulting call
30-min via Google Meet

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